Values Statement


We recognize that every fellowship, assembly or church has its own unique way of expressing its reason for being and living out its beliefs. At PFC, we hold to the Core Values that define how we live out our faith and guide us as a fellowship:

1. God is the main thing and not us;
2. Souls are important to God and therefore people are a priority to us;
3. The word of God is invaluable and right application brings intergrity, holiness, and excellence to all relationships;
4. Fellowship enhances the possibility of discipleship opportunities;
5. We sow time, talent, and treasure out of love as a part of our worship and demonstrate such by giving at least 10% of each into the kingdom of God;
6. Prayer is a high priority because it releases the power of God to accomplish his purpose;
7. Ministry inspired by the Holy Spirit involves creativity, innovation, and faith;
8. The application of God's Word rightly divided and a Holy Ghost filled life leads to progressive transformation in daily living;
9. God invites and we value the use of the natural talents and gifts of the spirit in alignment with the word of God.

"A community where hope lives"